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About us

Throughout my working experience in the affiliate industry, I've lived the dream of building a strong community of marketers. Not just an affiliate network, but a tight-knit alliance united by a passion for online advertising. Hundreds and thousands of marketing pros around the world who share ideas, help each other, and improve themselves! It was a dream that stirred my imagination, made my heart sing, and encouraged my dedication to work. In Qrex Media I found sympathy, and I met like-minded people. Today, we are on our way to a common dream: to create something more than just an affiliate network.

Our priorities lie in training young affiliates, assisting in optimization for large teams, generating marketing ideas, building infrastructure, developing the community, and funding our trusted buyers. We want to keep the affiliates' ROI at its highest all the time. Affiliate success is our backbone. Welcome to Qrex Media!

  • Igor KharchenkoChief Sales Officer
  • Valeriia VasilatiiChief Marketing Officer
  • Lina StetzenkoChief People Officer
  • Vasyl BogdanovChief Technology Officer

Five reasons to join our network

  • Exclusive offers

    Our sales managers are true hunters. They roam the affiliate jungle day and night, looking for the fattest, most luxurious offers. Yet the truth is, are they really struggling that hard? We've been working since 2015 building a strong reputation for quality traffic and making friends with most advertisers. That's why our "hunters" are welcomed as gracious guests, treating them with exclusive offers. We are glad to share the "loot" with trusted partners.

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  • Creative laboratory

    What do media buyers need and what do they always run out of time for? Tests, tests, tests... We do them for you! In our creative lab, online marketers test new offers, platforms, and advertising approaches. We also share the results of the tests on our YouTube blog. The lab is a source for your inspiration. We're not looking to make money on traffic, but we are looking for ideas for our partners. For a long time, you've wanted to launch Crypto and try Twitter? We analyze real cases in every detail.

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  • Friendly community

    Development is only possible in an environment of strong experts. This is the bedrock belief that underpins our corporate culture. If there is no empathy, competition is destructive. One grows up by following the examples of the best, one grows stronger by sharing one's experience with others. That's why the heart of the affiliate industry is face-to-face communication between online marketers. We devote a lot of resources and time to achieving this. We're building a community where talented affiliates share ideas and experiences.

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  • Top support

    Is it possible to revolutionize the affiliate's support? Definitely! And here's why. In our affiliate network, you're communicating with a dedicated account manager, a top industry expert, who provides clear answers on common questions like rate, budget, payout, etc. We also provide you with the opportunity to be consulted by in-house marketers. You'll learn about converting creatives, top geos and top verticals. Everything is backed up with statistics and examples!

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  • Fast payments

    We clearly realize that money is the lifeblood of business. That is why one of our company's core divisions is the finance department. It accumulates funds and reinvests them in our trusted partners. You will always get credit for purchasing advertising and for scaling the current links. That is, you can expect not just a quick payout, but a prepayment as well. For your convenience, we also support almost all existing types of payment methods.

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Top verticals

  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • Igaming
  • Dating
  • E-commerce
  • Sweepstakes

Here is why our partners love working with us

  • Our team buys advertising on FB, so we have to constantly look for consumables and non-spammed cloaks. Poor infrastructure gives us low ROI. We spent a long time looking for a solution, but it found us on its own! Qrex Media provided the offers with already built cloak and introduced us to trusted account stores. Wow! This service has increased our ROI significantly!

    AntonMedia Buyer
  • I am a beauty blogger, so I have been searching for additional ways to monetize my channel for a long time. I had several disappointing tests with product offers and a very low conversion rate. When I joined the Qrex Media affiliate program, my manager selected suitable offers and my income has finally started growing! A special thanks to Max Naumenko!

  • I develop websites and work with SEO. In 2022, it's really hard to do these things on your own. And you still have to keep up with the trends. Thanks to Qrex Media, I managed to focus solely on building websites. Indeed, I gainedaccess to an active community, where I can communicate with colleaques and find out about what's new in the affiliate industry.

    DevanshSEO Expert

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